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 Frequently Asked Questions for Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting

Q: What is your opportunity rate?
A: Overall 55-60% We have had weeks that are 100%. Weather is major factor.
Q: Do you have ground blinds?
A: Yes, we have many hunters who enjoy hunting out of a ground blind.
Q: What is your average tree stand height?
A: The average height is 16-20 feet. We can lower them or raise them to meet the hunter's needs. Please call ahead to let us know if you have any special requirements you may have with tree stands or ground blinds.
Q: Can I use expandable broad heads?
A: Yes
Q: Are rifles allowed in Ohio?
A: No. Only shotgun slug or muzzleloaders are allowed in the state of Ohio.
Q: Are cross bows allowed?
A: Yes
Q: What kind of tree stands do you offer?
A: We mostly use lock on stands with stacking sticks. Ladder stands are also available.
Q: Can we harvest does?
A: Yes, we actually encourage the harvesting of does as this helps maintain a healthy deer herd.
Q: Are the deer free roaming?
A: Yes. No high fences here. Talltine Outfitters is 100% fair chase.
Q: Are hunts fully guided?
A: Yes. Guides take you to and from stands. Guides do not sit with you in stand.
Q: Do we have a minimum size of deer harvest?
A: Yes, We only harvest deer scoring 130'' Pope & Young or better.
Q: What if a deer is shot and wounded?
A: A 48 hour search may be required, before hunting is resumed.
Q: How many days of hunting?
A: Six nights, Five days package- arrive the night before between 3:00pm-6:00pm. Hunt five full days and depart the morning of the sixth day.
Guides will field dress your deer.
Processing : A local processor can process your deer or you can process your deer yourself at the lodge.
Smoking Policy: No smoking in lodge, tree stand, or in guide's vehicle.

Items to Bring With You:

• Ohio hunting license and deer tag (you can purchase online or locally upon arrival. See link below.)
• Hunting clothing/gear
• Toiletries (i.e. toothpaste, soap, shaving cream, etc.)
• Hand/ Feet warmers
• Cell Phone
• Camera

Additional Items Needed Or Suggested For A Successful Hunt:

Your bow or gun
Knee high rubber boots (warm recommended)
Orange hat and vest (Firearm season only)
Bow or gun case
Pull up rope
Safety harness is required
Rattling antlers (Optional)
Grunt tube (Optional)
Binoculars (Optional)
Cooler (Optional)
Range finder (Optional)
Heavy socks or slippers ( Boots are removed in mud room. Boots can not be worn in lodge.)

Please be aware that all hunters will be required to sign a waiver and release form upon arrival.

Click here to preview before you arrive. Tall Tine Waiver and Release.

Click here to purchase your Ohio hunting license online.


 Tall Tine Outfitters 9502 CR5N Rushsylvania, Ohio 43347 937-707-7346

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